Trading Hours

  Spot Gold Spot Silver Daily Cut Off Time
(April to October)
HK Time Monday 6:15am to Saturday 4:00am 4:00am
(No trade during the settlement period 4:55am - 6:05am)
(November to March)
HK Time Monday 7:15am to Saturday 5:00am 5:00am
(No trade during the settlement period 6am - 7am)

Unit per Contract

  Contract Size (per lot)
Spot Gold 100 ounces
Spot Silver 2,500 ounces

Margin Requirements

  Spot Gold Spot Silver
Initial Margin (per lot) US $2,000
Maintenance Margin (per lot) US $2,000
Lock position Margin (per set) US $200
Net Cut Off US $0

Trading Limit

  Spot Gold Spot Silver
Minimum Trade Lot Size 0.1 Lots
Maximum Lot Limit per trade 20 Lots
Open Position Limit 30 Lots

Interest Rate

  Long Short
Spot Gold -4.5 % +1.5 %
Spot Silver -4.5 % +1.5 %
**The above interest rate is for reference only and the actual interest rate is subject to our trading platform or client statement.

Important Notice

Save and except expressly provided in the precious metals trading client agreement, EMPERIO do not provide any form of authorization for the Client by any means in operating Client’s trading account nor accept any form of authorization from the Client by any means in operating Client’s trading account. Please keep your login information safe including the user name and login password. Emperio is not responsible for any loss caused by authorizing others using your account or the leakage of login information. You shall be wholly and solely responsible for the confidentiality, security and use of the Access Code.

Type of Orders

What types of orders can I submit in trading bullion?

You can place: Day order, Limit order, a Stop Loss order or a Stop Gain order, subject to different markets and different products.

Expiration dates of limit orders are Day End (market closing on spot day) and FRIDAY (market closing on Friday) and CANCEL (no time limit).

The prices of limit orders that clients set must vary from the prevailing market price: US $4 or above for Spot Gold, US$0.2 or above for Spot Silver

Trade Confirmation

What kind of confirmation and statements will I receive?

You will receive your Daily Contract Note and Statement by email at your designated email address summarizing your daily trading activities. You will also receive your Monthly Statement by email.

Common Reporting System (“CRS”)

What is Common Reporting System (“CRS”)?

The CRS was developed by Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”), where financial institutions in participating jurisdictions are required to review and collect information that will enable them to identify tax residency of financial account holders and to provide relevant information to the local tax administration authorities on an annual basis. The Hong Kong government gazette the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 3) Ordinance 2016 on 30 June 2016 and CRS will be effective on 1 January 2017 in Hong Kong.

For more information, please refer to the below link which contained pamphlets issued by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong.

Customer Service Contact

Phone: (852) 5574 4462
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
WhatsApp: (852) 5574 4462
WeChat ID: EmperioMetals


How do I deposit funds to my Emperio Precious Metal account?

Cash deposit;
Cheque deposit;
T/T funds transfer;
Internal funds transfer among associated companies within Emperio Group;

Bank-in particulars for my Emperio Precious Metal account.

When you deposit / transfer the required funds for settlement to a bank account listed below, please state your account name and account number maintained with our company on the Payment Reference. After the fund deposit, please contact your Account Executive or Whatsapp to (852) 5574 4462 / WeChat to WeChat ID: EmperioMetals

Payee / Beneficiary: Emperio Precious Metals Limited
FPS ID : 4315602 (Apply to below HKD account only)
Bank of China (HK) Ltd HKD 012-706-0009933-4
Bank of China (HK) Ltd USD 012-706-0801418-6


There are various ways to withdraw funds:

Cheque withdrawal;
Transfer funds directly / T/T to your pre-registered bank account; and
Internal account funds transfer within Emperio Group.

How do I submit a withdrawal instruction?

Clients can withdraw funds from their account through their agents. We may deposit the cheque on behalf of the client to the bank account under the client's name. Instructions after 2:00pm will be handled on the next banking day.