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About Us

Emperio Precious Metals specializes in providing professional precious metals trading services sophisticated enough for veteran investors, yet simple enough for the investment novice.
We aims to provide a fair, just, and open platform for precious metals investment.
We are driven to provide traders with excellent customer service with the security of tight financial regulation. We provide investors with a 24-hour precious metals trading service by offering a range of online trading platforms helping them grasp market opportunities and improve investment returns.

About Our Group

Emperio Group is committed to providing value to personal and corporate customer with the best possible products and services and customer driven. We aim to be the first choice in investing precious metal. We provide not just one product, but a one-stop shop for Spot Gold\Silver, HKD\RMB 1Kilobar Gold, Bullion and Collectible coins from mint around the globe. Members of the Group in include: Emperio Gold Bullion Limited, Emperio Precious Metals Limited, Emperio Gold and Silver Coins (HK) Limited, Emperio Credit Limited.
Emperio Gold Bullion Limited is a member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (Code:118). As our long live good credibility and reliability, Emperio is not just an ordinary member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, but a Bullion Group Member as well as Accredited Refineries. All gold bar refines by us are accredited by the Society.

Introduction of Emperio Group

Emperio Group (the “Group”) was established by Chairman, Mr. LI Man-wai, who has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, and Managing Director, Mr. LI Chun-hang Henry, who is a professional in management, in 2014. As a well-known gold and silver coin collector, and having noticed the untapped market of bullion and collectible coins in Hong Kong back then, Chairman LI founded the Group with Managing Director, Mr. LI Henry, bringing a brand-new choice for investors and collectors of gold and silver coins in the market.

Since its establishment, the Group has been committed to providing first-class precious metals services for retail and corporate investors in Hong Kong and Asia with their best interest at heart.

Having focused on the trading services of bullion and collectible coins, Emperio Group has now become an integrated investment service provider. Our business includes:

- Emperio Gold Bullion Limited
Emperio Gold Bullion Limited, a member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (the “Society”) (Membership Code: 118), is one of the 30 Bullion Group Members, i.e. Accredited Refineries, recognized by the Society. With its gold bars accredited by the Society, Emperio Gold Bullion Limited has received extensive recognition from the industry, distinguishing itself from the average precious metal investment institutions.

- Emperio Precious Metals Limited
Emperio Precious Metals Limited (“Emperio Precious Metals”) specializes in providing diversified precious metal trading and investment services, including trading of spot gold/silver and HKD/RMB kilo-bar gold.

- Emperio Gold and Silver Coins (HK) Limited
Emperio Gold and Silver Coins (HK) Limited trades bullion and collectible coins from mints around the world and provides a variety of precious metal related services to cater for the needs of different customers.

The Group is also committed to allocating resources to the development of financial technology in order to provide customers with more convenient and efficient investment tools. Its 24-hour real-time online bidding and trading system and mobile app allow customers to capture valuable investment opportunities with accessible market information anytime, anywhere.

Group Concept

“Paving the Way to Success with Fruitful Returns for Customers”

Shouldering Responsibility in the Face of Hardship

Vision of Emperio
As a member of the financial industry of Hong Kong, the Group adheres to its principles of “integrity”, “stability” and “innovation”, with “integrity” being the essence. Emperio’s vision is to introduce quality investment products to customers who are either local investors or those from cities along the BRI routes so that they can grow their wealth with investment and take advantage of the economic benefits from the BRI.

Emperio’s mission in financial sector
The Group deeply understands that “integrity” is the most important factor in establishing reciprocal and long-term relationship with customers. Our mission is to enhance customers’ confidence in us as well as in the industry, and to become a role model among our peers so as to make contribution to the financial industry of Hong Kong and China.

Emperio’s mission in society
Being part of the society, the Group believes that its responsibility is to give back what it has taken. Adhering to the principle, we have actively promoted local sports and arts events and supported charity work of NGOs in Hong Kong. We have also participated in various local sports events in recent years, sparing no effort in promoting the development of community network.

All the Transactions are at Your Fingertips

Real-time Transaction and Marketing News are Readily Available

Emperio Group launched a real-time monitoring system to monitor precious metal price, which allows customers to grasp real-time market prices and capture investment opportunities during their busy work. Our system is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and is a convenient tool to get first-hand information no matter where you are.

We understand investment opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. Many people could miss their investment opportunities easily because of their busy work or life. That is why we have introduced an automatic price alerts system which will send you alert once the market price matches your pre-set price. From now on, however busy you are, you will never miss any investment opportunity.

Message from Chairman

“Paving the Way to Success with Fruitful Returns for Customers”

Opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road Initiative”
The Group provides a wide range of financial services to cater for financial needs at home and abroad. It is always our pleasure to join hands with the local communities in their pursuit of prosperity. Based in Hong Kong, the Group also deeply understands that customers’ confidence in us owes very much to our ability to provide financial updates and ensure transaction efficiency through the well-established and advanced financial and legal systems, information technology and infrastructure of Hong Kong. Hong Kong, as a transportation hub in the Far East with excellent international transportation network, will facilitate our expansion in cities along the routes of the “Belt and Road Initiative” (“BRI”).

The management of the Group believes that in order to be a financial business pioneer under the BRI, the Group has to set its goals from a global perspective. We will set up branches in cities along the routes of the BRI to better serve the local financial industry.

Experienced professional talents
As for human resources, the Group has always attached great importance to recruitment of professional talents from different financial sectors in which we operate, including gold refining, precious metal trading, funds, investment management and institutional finance, so as to provide satisfactory and convenient service to customers.

Giving back to the community
In addition to creating values for its shareholders, the Group is also committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities. Adhering to its principle of “giving back to the community”, the Group often joins hands with its employees to participate in and sponsor community services to help those in need. In the long run, we believe our success correlates with the well-being of the community.

Striving for a better future with persistence
The Group attaches great importance to its relationship with customers, and even more so when it comes to integrity. The Group is a well-established and qualified financial group with well-recognized members, including Emperio Gold Bullion Limited, which is a member of the Bullion Group with an operation status of AA-level under The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society.

As a local financial market practitioner, I believe the BRI policy will allow Hong Kong to reach another pinnacle. We would like to invite you to seize this opportunity with us as we strive for a better future with persistence.

Message from Managing Director

“Paving the Way to Success with Fruitful Returns for Customers”

The success of the Group in recent years could not have been made without the support of its loyal customers and excellent staff team. In the near future, the Group is set to become a global integrated enterprise with the provision of one-stop precious metal trading and financial services, marking a major milestone in its development. Meanwhile, the Group will also be committed to investing in innovative financial information technology in the hope of providing integrated investment and asset management solutions to its customers. The Group will strive to become customers’ preferred problem- solving partner when it comes to precious metal investment, institutional finance, fund management and foreign currency investment.

In pursuit of excellence
If you want to achieve excellence, you have to be a perfectionist, just like us. It is our pursuit to provide value-for-money, convenient and reliable integrated asset management solutions for precious metal and foreign currency investment, institutional finance and fund management with integrity so as to become customers’ preferred investment partner.

“Paving the way to success with fruitful returns for customers”
It is the mission of the Group to “pave the way to success with fruitful returns for customers”.

Trading cost is a key factor in considering return of investment for customers. Apart from providing a convenient investment platform, the Group also makes efforts in reducing the intermediary trading cost to increase investment return for customers.

As gold and silver coin collectors ourselves, we are well aware of the needs of our customers. The Group was the first in Hong Kong to launch repurchase services of gold and silver coins sold by the Group and other companies, boosting the flexibility and vitality of the gold and silver coin market as well as the investment value of gold and silver coins. Customers can now enjoy their fruitful returns with hassle-free investment solutions.

Planning for the future
We have formulated mid- to long-term development policies to accomplish our vision and mission. Currently, the Group is consolidating its presence in Hong Kong as its key market in Asia. Besides physical stores, we are actively developing our online trading and retail platforms to expand our customer base and offer more convenient investment plans to customers in Asia.

We also promise to improve our services by collecting feedback from customers through regular communication. We also undertake to bring industry-leading and high quality experience to customers in line with our “customer-oriented” philosophy.

Bullion Section

Emperio Gold Bullion Limited

Emperio Gold Bullion Limited (“Emperio Gold Bullion”) is a member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (the “Society”) (Membership Code:118)and one of the only 30 Bullion Group Members, i.e. Accredited Refineries, recognized by the Society. All of the gold bars refined by Emperio Gold Bullion have been accredited by the Society.

Emperio Gold Bullion is specialized in trading of spot gold and gold/silver bars of world-famous brands and of our own. We also provide refinery service and trading service of RMB 1 Kilo-bar Gold and 99 Tael Gold.

To increase the flexibility of your investment portfolio, we also offer 1/4 Kilo-bar Gold and 1 Kilo-bar Gold and Silver with better premium to reduce your investment cost.

Precious Metal Section

Emperio Precious Metals Limited

Emperio Precious Metals Limited (“Emperio Precious Metals”) specializes in trading of spot precious metals. Unlike ordinary precious metals companies, we do not require or accept authorization letters from customers. Customers have their sole discretion to make any investment decisions through our online self-service investment platform. To secure customers’ asset and maintain fair, just and open transactions, we also provide customers with clear and concise monthly statement which is sent by email and accessible on our online system. The online system will detect and prevent double login to minimize safety risks of customers’ accounts.

Emperio Precious Metals always put customers’ interest first. We provide around-the-clock financial news, quotation of precious metals and trading services on our online transaction platforms, including the website of Emperio Precious Metals and mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems, allowing investors to have timely access to market updates.

Gold and Silver Coins Section

Emperio Gold and Silver Coins (Hong Kong) Limited

Established in 2014, Emperio Gold and Silver Coins (Hong Kong) Limited (“Emperio Gold and Silver Coins”) has developed into one of Asia’s largest retailers and wholesalers of precious metals in just a few years. Emperio Gold and Silver Coins was awarded the “Best Loved Brands Award” from Roadshow, Hong Kong in 2015, and was interviewed by mass media for many times, including Wealth Management of Hong Kong Now TV and an interview with China Business Network. Emperio Gold and Silver Coins owes its achievement and rapid growth entirely to the support of its customers.

With the needs of our customers in mind, we expand our business coverage from traditional trading of gold and silver products for the purpose of investment to gold and silver collectible coins, gold accessories of our own brand and new products from mints around the world. We strive to offer customers with new and comprehensive gold/silver coin services as well as collectibles of sophisticated craftsmanship.

On top of our retail shop, we are also expanding into the online retail market in a bid to let our customers enjoy unparalleled online shopping experience through our official shopping website. We were the first in the industry to introduce “Gold Passbook” membership, which allows flexible payments for gold and silver coins and bullion products. Moreover, due to the lack of repurchase channel in the market, we were also the first to launch repurchase service of gold and silver coins so that our customers can invest without any hassle. Our well-received rating system of gold and silver coins will create opportunities for our customers to add value to their assets and meet their wealth management targets.

Emperio Gold and Silver Coins is always one step ahead of its customers when it comes to solving their concerns and ensuring customers’ satisfaction to the fullest. Understanding the worries of our customers for storage, we have launched storage and escort services to avoid risks relating to delivery and home storage.